Timeless Photography -
Lifestyle Shoots
Bring your lifestlye into your pictures...
For couples, families and pets that feel the studio is a little bit too 'staged', this is the perfect shoot for you!
Lifestyle photography enables me to capture you surrounded by familiar locations and amazing colours and textures that will bring your pictures alive.
This form of photography will allow you to relax and bring your unique indivuality through to your pictures. Run, laugh, play, hide - just do what comes naturally to you and I will record it all. My 'childish' side enables me to capture children in the most natural and fun way and gives you pictures that will always bring a smile to your face. 
A lifestyle shoot is £179. This will include up to an hour and a half of photography and 15 images of your choice, presented on a disc., with the option to purchase additional images.

How to prep for the session...

Don't think that you all have to be wearing the same thing (think, white tops and blue jeans scenario!) - it's not the case. It's so important that your pictures show you as a family, the family that you normally are! Bright colours are awesome. Fun is a must. Dress appropriately for the weather, if we have puddles, make sure you have wellies - let the kids loose and have nothing but fun! You'll hate the washing but love your pictures! Sessions are normally held at the RSPB in Sandy (it's beautiful) but I am happy to travel if needed to a place that means something to you.
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