Timeless Photography -
Newborn and Toddler Sessions
And then they arrive...

Newborn sessions are held within day 1 to 14 of your new arrival making an appearance (ideally between day 5-10). 

There is absolutely no time limit on your session. These little bundles are certainly not predictable so the whole session is done with baby in mind. Pauses for feeds, clearing up poop and pee and re-settinling - standard!

The 'Mum in me' allows me to connect with and handle a newborn and gain their trust in such a short period of time creating the most natural, serene images of your precious little bundles. 

Newborn sessions are held in the warmth and comfort of your own home, so you don't have to travel with baby anywhere and will have all your home comforts and necessary bits for baby right to hand. (And of course, a kettle and tea bags!!!!!!!!)

The cost of a session is £135 with your choice of five high resolution digital jpeg images to download. (For shots out and about where you would like to be photographed with your toddler, the cost would be £179, as per the Lifestyle section on this website). Additional prints and digital images can be purchased and all packages include a secure online gallery to view all your images with the option for family and friends to purchase images for themselves.   

How to prep for the session...

About 30 minutes prior to your session starting, strip baby down to just their nappy and then swaddle them in a blanket to keep them warm and happy - this way, they are not immediately grumpy from being undressed just as we are about to start. Also, a baby with a full tummy is usually a content baby but this will only work if it happens to be feeding time - so please don't worry if this is not possible. I bring along various backdrops and props for different looks but please feel free to include any special items you have to personalise your pictures. Most of all, relax. Don't worry if baby doesn't settle quickly, or poop goes all over the blankets (or me!!!), it's normal! The best way to deal with it... make a cuppa and laugh!
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